Wellcome Collection

(participating with tweets on their Euclid-related collections)

Between 21 and 30 May 2018, the Wellcome Library Twitter feed posted tweets on Euclid each day, with links to related material in their collections. The tweets are copied here for easy reference in the future:


Wellcome Collection is a museum and library founded by Henry S Wellcome (1853-1936) and open to the public free of charge at 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK. The collections focus on the social and cultural contexts of health, and aim to encourage great ideas about health by connecting science, medicine, life and the arts. The collections include 60,000 pre-1851 printed books including ca. 600 incunabula and ca. 5000 books from the 16th century; extensive holdings of manuscripts and archives; and over 100,000 prints, drawings, paintings and photographs.

Website: http://wellcomelibrary.org
Twitter: @WellcomeLibrary