University of Leicester & Mathematical Association

(participating with a display)

In June and July (dates to be confirmed), the library will be displaying its collection of the Elements.


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The University of Leicester Library is housed in the David Wilson Library, University Road, Leicester. Holdings include the library of the Mathematical Association (MA), formed in 1871 as the Association for the Improvement of Geometrical Teaching. The MA is now the leading UK association for mathematical education at all levels from primary school to university, including postgraduate work. The MA library started on a very small scale in the 19th century and now comprises nearly 11,000 text books, popular mathematics and higher mathematics books, and around 700 runs of mathematical periodicals from many different countries. The collection contains nearly 1,200 rare books, mostly published before 1850, including a selection of 16th, 17th and 18th century editions of Euclid’s Elements. The Library is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme, and members of the public may apply for a reference card free of charge. For further information on accessing collections visit the Library website: For information about the Mathematical Association, including how to join, visit