University of Cambridge

(participating with a display)

Display dates:
4 – 27 June 2018
Address & location:
Cambridge University Library, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR [google map]
(9.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday and 9.00am – 4.30pm Saturday; free entry, all welcome, in the Library’s Entrance Hall cases)

items on display

This display of copies of Euclid’s Elements from Cambridge University Library’s collection includes several which arrived here in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from the libraries of Bishops John Hacket (d. 1670) and John Moore (d. 1714), and later scientists, including the astronomer John Couch Adams. It includes the very first printed edition of 1482, the first Arabic translation, and Isaac Barrow’s pocket-sized Cambridge edition of 1655.

See also Liam Sim’s blog post ‘Reading Euclid at Cambridge’ from 4 June 2018 at


Over the course of six centuries Cambridge University Library’s collection have grown from a few dozen volumes on a handful of subjects into an extraordinary accumulation of several million books, maps, manuscripts and journals, augmented by an ever-increasing range of electronic resources. They cover every conceivable aspect of human endeavour, across three thousand years and in over two thousand languages. From its beginnings as an asset for a tiny community of theologians and canon lawyers in the medieval university, the Library’s mission has expanded to serve the international scholarly community and now, through its digitisation projects, to reach new audiences across the world.